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Fjellborg Arctic Journeys offers since the mid 1990s privately guided and exclusive dogsledding tours and expeditions in Arctic Lapland. We own three comfortable wilderness lodges in the Kiruna area and  share our lives with a large family of friendly huskies. We are passionate about wilderness travel and are committed to providing our guests with a personalised and private experience in Arctic Lapland. Our philosophy of placing our guests at the heart of everything we do has enabled us to develop a strong base of loyal customers.


Kenth Fjellborg is one of Sweden’s most accomplished mushers, having completed many of the world’s toughest sled dog races, among them the legendary Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska in 1994. Kenth has also travelled by dog sled to the North Pole and knows the wilderness of Arctic Lapland like his own backyard. Kenth was born in the small village of Poikkijärvi by the Torne River, which has been the home of the Fjellborg family for nine generations. After winning his first sled dog race in 1989, Kenth travelled to Alaska to learn more about the sport from the experts. Working for musher Joe Runyan provided valuable experience as Joe won the Iditarod that year. Inspired by his experiences in Alaska, Kenth returned home to Lapland establish his own sled dog kennel in his home village Poikkijärvi. During the last twenty years Kenth has focused on producing sled dog journeys for an international clientele. He does not rule out a return to the competitive side of the sport in the future.

Ann and Kenth Fjellborg with their daughters, who are nine-generation Laplanders.

Ann Fjellborg grew up on a farm in the south of Sweden but her love for winter sports inspired her to move up north. Ann is a skilled skier who has completed the Kebnekaise Classic, an alpine skiing competition which takes participants across the highest summits of Swedish Lapland. Ann has also run a mountain marathon as well as taken part in sled dog races. Prior to establishing Fjellborg Arctic Journeys together with Kenth, Ann worked as a travel rep at ski resorts in Austria. She has also produced travel shows with a focus on outdoor adventures for Swedish television. Ann is involved in all parts of the company, from booking and planning to running dogs. Through the adrenaline rush of skijoring, Ann is able to combine her two passions – skiing and dogs!


The dogsledding guides you will meet at Fjellborg Arctic Journeys are an exceptional group of people. Driven by a passion for exploring the natural world, they have in-depth knowledge and experience of Arctic Lapland and of wilderness travel and survival, and share with us a commitment to providing safe and comfortable journeys that have a minimal impact on the environment. One of the guides that has been with our company from the start is Tom Frode Johansen. Together with Kenth, Tom Frode took part in the Prince Albert II North Pole Expedition in 2006.


Last but not least, the most important members of Fjellborg Arctic Journeys are of course our dogs. Our kennel in Poikkijärvi in Swedish Lapland is home to a large family of Alaskan huskies, the majority of which come from our own breeding program while a smaller number has been brought in from other leading kennels around the world. Since our goal is to offer safe and comfortable dog sledding journeys in the wilderness, the performance of our dogs must always be on top. In order to accomplish this we provide our dogs with a quality diet and care and put a lot of thought into every breeding. Our dogs spend a lot of time with our kids as puppies and grow up to be exceptionally friendly and easy to handle. Breeding, feeding, training and conditioning – all play part in the successful running of a sled dog kennel. For everyone who works at Fjellborg Arctic Journeys, our dogs are always at the centre of attention.


From the moment you choose Fjellborg Arctic Journeys you can expect personalised service, full discretion and outstanding results. We put tremendous effort into ensuring our journeys are exceptional with extraordinary guides, top-of-the-line gear, well trained and friendly dogs, smooth logistics, comfortable accommodations and fantastic meals! Our job is not complete unless you are thoroughly satisfied.


All our programs are operated exclusively for one private party at a time. Different groups are not mixed and you will have your own professional wilderness guide from Fjellborg Arctic Journeys. This arrangement means we can provide a personalised holiday experience with unsurpassed attention to details. With our years of experience comes endless amounts of satisfied customers who highly recommend our journeys to their friends, and come back year after year.


Our experience of training and running sled dogs, arranging expeditions in the Arctic regions and providing high-end hospitality is unmatched in Swedish Lapland. With over 30 years of mushing experience and extensive experience of arranging holidays and events for a discerning clientele, we can focus on the important details which make your adventure with Fjellborg Arctic Journeys truly inspirational and unique.


Our Homestead in Poikkijärvi and our two wilderness lodges offer a genuine Lapland experience. Nestled in the pristine boreal forests of the Torne River Valley, the lodges provide a peaceful environment where our guests can relax in between outdoor activities. Upon arrival, relaxation in the traditional sauna awaits while our Chef prepares a gourmet meal on the iron-wrought stove. At night, we venture out to marvel at the mystic northern lights dancing in the sky. Staying in one of our rustic lodges is a wonderful way to experience the Arctic!


At Fjellborg Arctic Journeys we are lucky to live in a stunning but fragile natural environment and are committed to protecting this environment for future generations. We operate our dog sledding journeys and wilderness lodges in a professional and responsible manner, respecting nature and local cultures and rewarding our guests with authentic experiences in the unique northern world that we call our home.


As a participant on one of our dogsledding journeys, you will be equipped in high quality outdoor winter clothing from FJÄLLRÄVEN that will keep you warm and comfortable in any weather. Swedish outdoor equipment company Fjällräven has been our partner for nearly 25 years. We share a mutual goal of making nature and the wilderness more accessible to people. You can read more about our partnership with Fjällräven here.

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