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How do I get there?

The Fjellborg Homestead in Poikkijärvi is a quick 20 min drive from Kiruna Airport, which is trafficked by daily direct flights from Stockholm (90 min). It is also possible to reach Kiruna by train from southern Sweden and from northern Norway. As a guest of Fjellborg Arctic Journeys you will be greeted on arrival in Kiruna by your private guide.

When is the best time to visit?

We welcome guests from December 1 to April 20. During the polar night, from late December to early January, the sun does not rise above the horizon and temperatures also tend to be the lowest. The polar night is a magical time to visit Arctic Lapland and spend the holiday season immersed in the winter wonderland that surrounds our lodges. The deep winter lasts until the end of February, when the days gradually become longer and brighter. During the months of March and April there are long hours of warming sunshine and the light effect is magnified by the white snow. This late part of winter is an amazing time for outdoor activities and wilderness exploration. Our more extensive expeditions only depart during the month of April.

Will I see the northern lights during my dogsled tour?

Our private wilderness lodges are located far from the city lights and provide good spots for northern lights viewing during evenings and nights. The prerequisite, however, is a cloud-free sky. The best period to see the northern lights in our region is from November to late March.

What shall I pack?

We will provide you with a warm and windproof parka and pants from Fjällräven, and with a warm hat, gloves and boots that are suitable for the activity. We recommend that you to bring the following items:

  • A warm and breathable base layer (long-sleeved top and long johns), preferably in wool. Absolutely no cotton!
  • A thin down jacket or a warm sweater.
  • Several pairs of wool socks.
  • Sandals or light shoes for indoor use.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses.

What is included in the price?

Transfers to and from Kiruna Airport or your hotel in Kiruna, all activities, private guide from Fjellborg Arctic Journeys, accommodations, all meals and soft drinks and warm winter clothing. Alcoholic beverages are additional.

Are your trips private?

Yes, our trips are completely private. All programs are operated exclusively for one private party at a time, meaning that we do not mix different groups and you will only share your Arctic adventure with the people you have booked your holiday with. Occasionally, there will be other private parties passing by one of our wilderness camps, but your accommodation and activities are always separate and private, and throughout your journey you are accompanied by your own professional wilderness guide from Fjellborg Arctic Journeys.

Are your trips suitable for kids?

If you are travelling with children under 15 years of age, we recommend that you book our family program Best of Arctic Lapland. This tour is specially designed for families and takes into consideration that children are more sensitive to winter conditions and cold temperatures. Best of Arctic Lapland is most suitable for children aged 6 years and older.

Are your trips suitable as a romantic getaway?

Absolutely. All our journeys are private and exclusive and very suitable as a romantic getaway. From the rustic charm of our beautifully appointed wilderness lodges, with cosy fireplaces and gourmet dining, to the natural splendour of the Arctic wilderness, our sled dog journeys most certainly serve as the perfect setting for a romantic trip!

What is the lodging like?

In addition to our Homestead in Poikkijärvi, we own two lodges in different locations in the wilderness of the Torne River Valley. Each lodge has its own character and charm and offers rustic and cosy accommodation in roadless land. You will sleep in your own private cabin and dine in the main building of the lodge. The peaceful atmosphere and attention to detail will make you feel relaxed and at home. You can read more about our lodges here.

What about special dietary requests?

If you have special dietary requirements, preferences or food allergies, please let us know in advance and we will prepare something special. We pride ourselves in being able to meet the needs of our guests.

Will I have cell phone and internet coverage?

Our tours go off the beaten track and in parts of the wilderness the mobile phone coverage is poor or non-existent. The opportunities to charge your phone are also limited since some of our lodges are located off the electrical grid and are run by generators. At the Fjellborg Homestead in Poikkijärvi and at one of our larger lodges, Väkkärä Lodge, there is electricity, mobile phone coverage and wi-fi.

Do I need any previous experience to drive a dog sled?

No special skills or experience is required to participate in our sled dog tours. Prior to departure your private guide from Fjellborg Arctic Journeys will give a thorough instruction in how to drive a dog sled, how to communicate with the dogs and how to handle the sled in different trail conditions.

What is the conditioning level needed for your trips?

We recommend that you are moderately trained to fit in order to get the most out of your trip with us.

Are there any sights and attractions nearby?

The world famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi is located 5 minutes by snowmobile and 10 minutes by car from our Homestead in Poikkijärvi. Other local attractions include getting to know the indigenous Sámi culture of Arctic Lapland. A visit to a Sámi village can include learning about reindeer husbandry, about Sámi customs, storytelling and handicrafts, and enjoying a traditional meal inside a lavvu – the Sámi version of a tepee. If you wish to include a visit to ICEHOTEL or a unique Sámi experience in your holiday, please let us know when you book your trip with us and we’ll be happy to arrange this for you.

Are the dogs happy pulling sleds?

All you have to do is watch the hook up and the excitement our dogs show to know they love doing what they were born to do. Being working huskies, we believe our dogs have the best of both worlds. They receive plenty of attention and love from our family, guides and guests and get the chance to work in the climate and environment they were intended for.

We aim for the highest standards in all aspects of our company and that includes our dogs. In addition to adhering to Swedish animal welfare laws and regulations we put in the extra mile to ensure our dogs get the very best care, socialisation, diet and training, After all, they are super athletes and deserve the best!

What is required to make a reservation?

A 30 percent deposit is due at the time of booking to confirm the reservation. Read more under Terms & Conditions.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made closer than 30 days prior to arrival equal no refund. Read more under Terms & Conditions.

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